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Composting Dog Poop?

The average dog will poop one or more times a day, and that is a lot of dog poop to take care of! While the City of Nanaimo does allow dog poop to be placed in the garbage, double bagged, throwing organic matter in plastic bags into the landfill is not the most sustainable solution in the long run. So, what can be done?

Some local governments recommend flushing the poop down the toilet so it ends up in the wastewater treatment system. However, I could see that getting potentially messy, and smelly. It also takes more time.

An alternative option is to compost the dog poop. After all, it is organic matter and will break down like other poop. However, there are a couple of things that make dog poo different, and composting will be different to what you are used to with your kitchen scraps.


Dogs can carry many different parasites. Some of these nasties lay eggs in the intestines of the dog, so that the poop is full of eggs, waiting to infect another animal or person. For example, the dreaded roundworm. This parasitic worm can infect humans and cause a host of horrible issues. In order to kill these parasites, dog poop compost must be at least 75 degrees Celsius for 5 consecutive days. While, this is possible to achieve, it takes careful management and is harder to achieve in smaller systems.

High Protein Content

The high protein content of dog poop means that you will need to supplement additions of poop to the compost with a carbon source, such as saw dust. This will provide the correct Carbon to Nitrogen ratios for optimum bacterial growth.

Done properly, dog waste will break down into usable compost that is good for shrubs and other vegetation that you are not going to eat.

It is important to keep dog poop out of your regular compost because it needs to be managed differently. It is also important to site the compost away from any sensitive areas, such as water bodies or vegetable gardens. If you have children, you will want to avoid using the manure in areas where they play.

As always, ScoopaPoop Nanaimo can scoop that poop so you don't have to. We can also help you to set up your own dog compost in your garden, so we can deposit waste there to be broken down naturally.


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